Innosuisse Initial Coaching Program


The Innosuisse coaching programme works so

You can become a CEO with Innosuisse: we support start-ups and those interested in setting up a business with personalised coaching. Experienced business coaches advise and support you while you found and develop your company and ensure its sustainable growth.

Do you have an idea and want to found your own company? Or do you already have a start-up and want to develop your business further and take it to the next level? Then register for our coaching.

The Innosuisse coaching programme is divided into three stages:

  • MYLEG was selected for the Stage A: Initial coaching

Aim: Your business idea is reviewed and developed further with regard to its feasibility and marketability.

Funding: up to CHF 5,000
Duration: up to 6 months

Coach: Dr. Heiko Visarius

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