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MYLEG will be tested at CYBATHLON 2020 Global Edition

CYBATHLON 2020 – POWERED LEG PROSTHESIS RACE. The Swiss team NeuroLegs from the ETH Zurich aims to restore superficial sensory feedback for the missing leg through wearable sensors in the shoes. It is a non-​invasive and non-​permanent technical approach that does not depend on a specific prosthesis and can therefore be applied to any commercially […]

Selected to be part of the LIKEMINDED program of Bluelion

The LikeMinded program is designed to launch your startup from 0 to 1. Utilize Bluelion’s extensive network of potential co-founders, experts and investors. The program addresses highly skilled and motivated professionals. Individuals with or without an idea can apply equally. After an intensive selection phase, we are delighted to announce the final participants of the LikeMinded […]

Innosuisse Initial Coaching Program

OFFICIAL PAGE INNOSUISSE You can become a CEO with Innosuisse: we support start-ups and those interested in setting up a business with personalised coaching. Experienced business coaches advise and support you while you found and develop your company and ensure its sustainable growth. Do you have an idea and want to found your own company? […]

STARTUP CAMPUS Award – Best Business Concept 2020 – MYLEG

Article about the startup award Fewer dangerous falls and a better quality of life: Why ETH biorobotist Giacomo Valle is developing a new neuroprosthesis for leg amputees. Leg amputees are hardly noticeable in public spaces. Doesn’t that speak for the quality of existing prostheses, Mr. Valle? Certainly. The prostheses are good. But you still shouldn’t […]

BRIDGE Proof of Concept 2020 – MYLEG project victory

OFFICIAL PAGE OF BRIDGE PoC 2020 – MYLEG Lower limb amputees use prostheses that do not restore sensory feedback during walking. Because of this, they risk falls, thus losing confidence in the prosthesis and overusing the healthy leg, which causes increased fatigue, and reduced mobility. Because of these reasons, users abandon the prosthesis, with consequent […]