Leia helps patients suffering with diabetic neuropathy to decrease pain and falls with a non-invasive pleasant electrical stimulation of the nerves

A non-invasive pleasant stimulation to reduce nerve pain and falls in diabetic neuropathy


The loss of peripheral sensations, affecting pathologies such as diabetic peripheral neuropathy (DPN) , is a severe risk factor for altered gait biomechanics, balance impairment, increased falls risk and chronic pain development. We created Leia, a peerless non-invasive device: a sensorized insole captures the information from the foot-ground interaction and translates it into electrical impulses delivered on the skin. The optimally designed electrode placement and shape, together with AI-based algorithms, are able to directly target the nerves and reduce neuropathic pain. All health-related parameters are collected by the sensorized insole and a wearable bracelet to drive data-driven individualized therapies.